Your Front Door Can Make or Break Your Curb Appeal

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There’s a reason people associate front doors with first impressions. Sure, it’s literally at the front of your home, but it also signifies the entry point. A front door gets noticed, serving as the first and last thing people see in your home. You can have a manicured yard, gorgeous porch, and polished siding, but people’s eyes will always go to the door.

That’s why it’s important to have a front door that attracts attention for all the right reasons.

Enter our front-door guide, ensuring you select a door that will increase the value of your home, offer security, and provide energy efficiency for years to come.


Material Matters

The type of material is likely the most important decision you’ll make when it comes to your front door. There are a few prominent options:

  • Wood: Aesthetically pleasing and traditional, wood provides strength and versatility with countless paint and stain options. The issue with wood is that it’s naturally porous, making it susceptible to warping, chipping, and rotting. So, while beautiful, wood doors require consistent maintenance to prevent damage and deterioration.
  • Steel: Undefeated in durability, steel doors offer security, affordability, and longevity. While steel doors don’t feature the traditional beauty of wood options, a growing number and variety of designs are closing the gap.
  • Fiberglass: Dare we say the best of both worlds? Fiberglass features the durability and security of steel with the beauty and detail of wood, all without rust and rot concerns. Fiberglass doors also provide top-tier insulation, with tight seals and reinforced design to keep utility costs down.


Details Make the Door

From color and stain to glass inserts and patterns, there are various ways to accentuate your door for maximum curb appeal.

Bring personality to your front door with color or stain. If you want to add vibrancy and instantly capture attention, opt for bright paint colors like red, yellow, and orange. If lowkey is more your style, a subtle stain or muted paint color—like blue or green—provides substance and character. Regardless of which route you choose, consider how your door will pair with your siding and windows to maintain a balanced look.

Looking for light? Glass inserts introduce material variety and natural light to your front door. The amount, shape, and style of glass can dramatically change the look and feel of not only your door but also your home’s interior.

Panels and patterns incorporate depth and design style to your entry door. Whether you go simple or elaborate, once again think about how the style will work with the rest of your home’s exterior.



  • Picking the right material is the most important choice you’ll make. While wood provides a classic look and feel and steel offers durability and security, fiberglass is a perfect mix of both.
  • Consider features like color, panels, patterns, and glass inserts to add personality and character to your door.
  • Think about form and function when choosing your front door, finding an option that’s stylish, secure, and energy efficient.

A quality door can make all the difference, especially with quality installation. If you’ve never installed a front door before, or if your project requires any modifications to the size of the opening, you’ll want to work with a professional installer.

As an expert door company, Tri-County Enterprises is here to help. Not only do we get the job done quickly and accurately, but we are knowledgeable when it comes to all the details and features of doors.

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