Steel Roofing Services

Steel roofing is a high quality, economical option for residential and commercial buildings.

Durable – Metal is more durable than most roofing types, with an expected lifespan of over 50 years, and an ability to withstand high-velocity winds.

Aesthetically Appealing – Metal roofing is available in a variety of styles and colors to perfectly complement the architectural design and surroundings of your home.  From standing seam panels to stone coated steel tiles, metal can be customized to suit many needs.

Highly Efficient – Its natural reflectivity makes steel roofing extremely energy-efficient.  This bonus enables the roof to pay for itself over its lifespan; far more so than even the most reflective shingle roofs.

Low-Maintenance – An additional benefit of having a metal roof on your home is its low-maintenance status. Steel roofing requires little on the part of the homeowner to keep the roof in pristine condition.

Overall, metal is the highest-performing roofing material, with its durability, aesthetic appeal, energy efficiency, and low-maintenance status.  It is continually gaining in popularity and reputation as it graces homes across Iowa and the entire Midwest.

At Tri-County Enterprises, we offer two very versatile options for steel roofing: stone coated steel and painted steel.  Each type has its own unique benefits that will suit your needs as a business or homeowner.

A Luxury Roof

What is Stone Coated Steel?

Stone coated steel roofing was revolutionized during World War II when soldiers applied crushed stones to metal roof sheets in an attempt to prolong roof life.

Advanced technology has made metal roofing materials one of today’s most attractive choices for roofing. The 26-gauge Galvalume® steel is covered with 100% acrylic over-glaze. An attractive stone coating (natural granite stone chips) is embedded in a UV resistant acrylic polymer for a lasting bond.

A stone coated roof gives the charm of wood shake without the associated problems of splitting, warping or increased fire risk. Choosing a stone coated roof provides durability and low maintenance for a more luxurious roof.

Stone Coated Steel Roof Closeup
Grey Stone Coated Roof Closeup
Red and Black Stone Coated Steel Roof