What Makes Tri-County Different? Let Customer Amanda Smith Tell You

When you care about doing the job right, and not just getting it done, word gets around. That’s how Amanda and Greg Smith heard about Tri-County. Amanda and Greg were in need of a new look for their home, as well as something that would not just look pretty, but also keep out the elements, saving them money in the long run.  “With Tri-County we wanted to do our siding, our windows, and we wanted to add some stone to the front,” as well as a new door, Amanda told us. When they also wanted to update their garage door to match the rest of their new exterior, we helped them find a supplier that had just what they were looking and that fit their budget.

Amanda mentioned that our employees were “fabulous,” and that “they were tidy, courteous, timely—it was a great experience.” At Tri-County we treat every home like it’s our own, giving our customers the same level of care that we expect. The golden rule continues to ring true.

“My favorite part of the home is my porch—the stone, the front door and the column. It’s something I think is a focal point that our house had previously lacked.” The support column on the front porch was something we were proud of as well, because we were able to custom fit durable PVC components that column will last for years with no maintenance.

After everything was completed Amanda told us that “remodeling a home is really stressful. It’s helpful when we have someone who can guide [you] through the decision-making process. Tri-County absolutely helped us with that.” Our customers trust us with their most valuable asset—their home—and we do everything we can to pay back that trust.

There are a lot of big decisions to be made when it’s time to remodel your home’s exterior. With so many decisions and moving parts, you need a partner that has experience you can trust. While many contractors have access to the same materials, the installation process can be the difference between a project that protects your home and increases its value, and a disaster that costs you extra money and hassle.

We know that what sets Tri-County apart is our people, our service, and our commitment to the community. We know that your home is more than just a product—it’s a part of who you are, and we pride ourselves on putting in the time and effort to give your home remodel the care it deserves.

Interested in the products we used on Amanda and Greg’s house? Here’s a list:
  • CertainTeed Classic Vinyl Siding – color: Midnight Blue
  • CertainTeed Cedar Impressions – color: Charcoal
  • Versetta Stone – style: Mission Point
  • Wincor Front door with operating sidelite – color: Moorish Teak
  • Lindsay Pinnacle Windows – frame color: White
  • WDI Interior window trim – color: Oak/Custom stain
  • PVC Trim Boards – Exterior trim around windows
  • Custom built front porch column

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