The Advantages of Comfort Zone Underdecking


When it comes to expanding your outdoor space, you might immediately think of adding a structure—building on and out from your house to create more room. But what about making use of space you already have? Imagine transforming an underutilized area of your home into the perfect place to entertain, relax, and enjoy the outdoors—all without the need for costly construction.

Read on to discover the benefits of underdecking and how you can easily and affordably beautify your home while expanding your outdoor living area.

What is Underdecking?

The space under your deck. Remember it? It’s often a no man’s land comprised of grass, a concrete slab, and maybe a haphazard collection of your grill and outdoor furniture. But it could be so much more with the addition of underdecking.

Underdecking is a weather-tight ceiling and drainage system attached to the underside of your raised deck that directs away rainwater and melting snow, similar in function to your roof’s gutter system.

By diverting water, the area below your deck stays clean and dry to use for outdoor living space or dry, organized storage. And that’s just the start when it comes to the benefits of underdecking…

Easy and Affordable Installation

There arguably isn’t a quicker way to add form and function to your home. Underdecking is easy and fast to implement, often taking only a matter of hours to install. Our Comfort Zone underdecking is a custom product, tailored to fit any size of deck and perfect for new construction or as an addition to an existing deck. The quickness and ease-of-installation also make it one of the more affordable ways to add space and improve the look of your home’s outdoor area.

Improved Appearance

Underdecking provides a clean, seamless, and decorative look to your home. Comfort Zone is available in many colors, easy to clean, and can be customized to remain open to the outdoors or enclosed. Whether open or closed, you can upgrade with features—like built-in lighting and ceiling fans—for additional ambiance and comfort. With improved appearance comes increased property value.

What was once a dark, overlooked space open to the elements is now the perfect protected spot for gathering.

Added Living or Storage Space

People will want to gather in a space shielded from rain while still open to beautiful weather. Put in a spa. Achieve the ideal grilling area. Create an entertainment venue, perfect for gamedays and movie nights.

Stay safe from the elements and enjoy your home even more than you imagined.

There’s a lot of potential below your deck, and Comfort Zone underdecking can bring it to life. Our skilled team can install a custom Comfort Zone system under your deck to instantly add value and livability to your home. Discover all the advantages of Comfort Zone underdecking.

Thinking of Other Ways to Expand Your Outdoor Living Space?

In addition to Comfort Zone underdecking, Tri-County offers a variety of options to enjoy the outdoors while increasing your home’s property value.

Explore all our services and contact us today to discuss your project and schedule a free estimate.

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