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Upgrading your windows and doors makes a clear difference — to your comfort AND curb appeal.

Your home is your sanctuary. Make it cozier with new windows and doors that keep drafts out, block noise, and are easy to open and close. Let the experts at Tri-County help you find energy-efficient options that look great, inside and out.

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Upgrade Your Comfort — and Your Home’s Value

According to ENERGY STAR, “Not only does upgrading your windows save energy, it improves home comfort and increases the value of your home.”1

Moving.com asked, “Are new windows worth it?”2 They found that installing new windows offers a higher return on investment (ROI) than other high-cost home renovations, calling it “one of the most valuable improvements you can make.” (ROI for new vinyl windows is 73.4% vs. 62.1% for a mid-range kitchen remodel.)

But even if you don’t plan to sell your home any time soon, you’ll still get to reap the many benefits of new windows and doors:

Greater Energy Efficiency:

Tri-County will replace your old windows and doors with ENERGY STAR-approved upgrades that reduce the transfer of heat and cold, leading to lower energy bills and, potentially, a federal tax credit.

Year-Round Comfort:

New windows help your home maintain a steady temperature year-round, keeping you cozy and giving you more control over your environment.

Peace & Quiet:

Reducing outside noise and distractions is key to creating a home sanctuary. New multi-pane windows with vacuum spacing and injected foam give you back the peace and quiet you’ve been missing.

The Look You Love:

We carry a range of products to give you more choices when it comes to style, color and design.

America’s Most Trusted Windows & Doors

Get the look you want from America’s most trusted brands — including Andersen® Windows and Doors, Lindsay Windows and Doors, Heartland Windows, Velux Skylights, Taylor Doors and more.

Tri-County installs only the most trusted windows and doors on the market — so no matter which product you choose, your home will look great and stay well-protected for decades to come.

Need to replace old, inefficient windows? We’ll help you find ENERGY STAR-approved products that qualify for federal tax credits.

Lindsay Windows & Doors

Andersen® Windows & Doors

Taylor Exterior Doors

Windows in winter and summer

Lindsay Windows & Doors

Lindsay’s ENERGY STAR-approved windows offer a high-end appearance, fantastic energy efficiency and flawless functionality.

Pinnacle by Lindsay Windows is their most popular line of replacement windows that are ENERGY STAR-approved, Made in USA Certified and have carried the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval since 2006. That means you get a product that is energy efficient, manufactured to the highest set of standards, and known to live up to its promise.

As a certified Lindsay Dealer, Tri-County is able to offer a Lifetime Limited Warranty on Lindsay Pinnacle Windows that is transferable and covers everything on the window for as long as you own your home.

Andersen® Windows & Doors

Andersen® is one of the most sought-after brands on the market, and for good reason — their high-end products are ENERGY STAR-approved, highly durable and a favorite of architects. Their solid reputation and brand recognition also mean that when you go to sell your home, your Andersen® windows will be an attractive selling point.

The 400 Series is Andersen’s most popular line of windows. They feature a vinyl-clad exterior that never needs painting, plus a natural wood interior with versatile finishing options. As a bonus, every 400 Series window comes with a transferable limited warranty — one of the best in the biz.

Andersen® Front Entry Doors are crafted from solid wood in timeless designs to add instant charm and elegance to your home. Whether you want your door to feature a big window that lets in plenty of natural light or a solid design for added privacy — any Andersen® door you chose will create a stunning impression that instantly upgrades your home’s appearance.

As a Certified Andersen® Contractor, we’re able to offer a limited warranty on all Andersen® Windows and Doors.

Taylor Exterior Doors

Taylor Entrance Systems™ offers steel and fiberglass doors designed for strength, security and durability. Their steel doors are built-to-order from American steel and crafted in Michigan to guarantee quality and performance. These doors aren’t just tough — they add character and charm to your home and come in a variety of classic and modern styles.

Quality Work = Happy Customers

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Upgrade Your Comfort with New Windows & Doors

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