Versatile windows that are as practical as they are beautiful. Convenient features minimize maintenance while a wide range of options allows you to customize windows to match your décor. Tri-County offers only the highest performing windows in the market, all shapes and sizes to exceed your expectations.

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Standard Features of our Windows:

  • Attractive exterior with simulated brick mold
  • Tilt In sashes for easy cleaning
  • ¾” insulated glass
  • Metal reinforced
  • Energy Star qualified
  • Full screen for better viewing
  • Foam wrap to enhance energy efficiency

Wincore 7700 Windows

Our Wincore 7700 Windows are some of the highest quality in the industry. They are energy efficient, maintaining even temperatures in your home in all seasons. They offer:

Triple-pane Insulating glass unit features three panes of double strength glass that create two separate air spaces for increased resistance to temperature transfer.

Krypton Gas Odorless, colorless non-toxic gas that is heavier and denser than air – thereby lowering convection rates and increasing energy efficiency.

Dual Low E Coatings Doubling the protection, a low emissivity coat applied to two glass surfaces.

Optimum Air Space The air space inside the insulating glass unit is the optimum size for maximum efficiency.

Dual Super Spacer® System Pre-desiccated structural foam spacers separate each pane of glass, reducing conduction and helping to maintain more even indoor temperatures.

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Wincore 7700 & 5400 Patio Doors

We offer stunning Wincore 7700 & 5400 Patio Doors. They come in a variety of interior and exterior colors, glass types, grid colors, and handles. Some of their features include:

Fusion-welded Sash Panels Keep out air and water.

Galvanized Reinforced Steel Sash Profiles Adds strength and rigidity.

Chambered Rails Reduces thermal exchange and increases insulation values – without adding costly, less recyclable insulating material.

Double-strength Tempered Safety Glass 1” Insulating glass unit multiplies the overall performance.

Aluminum Screen Frame Heavy duty design to reduce binding and maintain effortless operation.

Multipoint Steel Locking Mechanism Galvanized steel reinforcement provides optimum resistance to forced entry.

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